New Beginnings

Posted on September 2nd, 2015 by Ruth Holden in Tybed

Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end. (– Seneca). So said the wise man 2000 years ago.

How many new beginnings have you had? When you were born – that was an important one! When you first went to school, when you moved house, when you went to secondary school. Maybe there are many others too. Now you are making another new beginning, and after this one you will make more. Our lives are like a series of stepping stones; a new beginning, it becomes normal, it winds down and comes to an end, and we start again with another new beginning.

But where is it all going? Is it possible to know? Where do the stepping stones lead to?  How will it all end? Maybe we have some idea of where we would like them to lead – onwards and upwards, as they say. But we don’t know the future and all kinds of things could happen that would throw us right off course. If we’re honest we don’t really know how this ‘new beginning’ will end, or what will be our situation even a year from now.

Much of the time we don’t worry about that kind of thing. We live for today and make the most of it, and we let the future look after itself.  But now and again we find ourselves thinking about those big questions – where is my life going? What’s it all about? What’s the point of anything? Why should I even bother? Will it ever get any better? What if it all gets much, much worse? Is there a God? If so, what’s he like? Would he have any interest in me? Can he help me? Does he care?

Coleg Cambria has a team of chaplains to help you think through those big questions. We are here to listen to you, whatever you want to talk about. We may not be able to answer your questions but we will support you as you look for answers. We promise that we will pray for you. You can contact us any time by emailing us at

And may we take this opportunity to wish you the very best during your time at Coleg Cambria. May you succeed beyond your dreams, and may this new beginning prepare you for all the other new beginnings that lie ahead of you.

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