Exam Stress

Posted on April 13th, 2015 by Ruth Holden in Tybed

Exam stress is very real for those who experience it…..we expect some level of stress but the problems arise when the stress becomes unmanageable and starts to affect your general health. There are many tips you can follow….take plenty of work breaks, eat healthily, take time to relax before going to bed, take time out once in a while and treat yourself. Chaplaincy have advice leaflets should you need one. It may help to try and pinpoint the cause….is the stress being made worse because of friends/ family expectations? Perhaps you expect too much of yourself!  Have you prepared properly and done your revision? Are there distractions which are causing you to lose focus? Do you just need to talk to someone…..the chaplaincy team will do that willingly!

Failing an exam or not getting the grades can seem like the end of the world but there are always other options and opportunities to re-evaluate your career path and your tutors are on hand to help you make those decisions if necessary.

It is natural to worry, but if you have put the work in and done your best that is all anyone expects of you. The chaplaincy team wish you all the very best of luck and will be praying for you all as you sit your exams.

Rev Sally Baird

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