London Marathon 2013

Posted on April 18th, 2013 by Chaplaincy in Tybed

As I write this, there are 2 days, 18 hours, 26 mins and 2 seconds until the start of the 2013 London marathon! No doubt all those taking part (including our own Chaplain, Rev Robin Fox) will be making those final preparations before heading down to London this weekend.

It goes without saying that this year’s marathon will be particularly poignant especially considering the explosions at the Boston marathon and I’m sure there are those who are anxious about friends and family who are running the marathon and also watching the event.

Having ventured onto the BAA (Boston Athletic Association) website, I was gladdened to see that, although the people of Boston are obviously saddened and angry about what happened , that this had not dampened the passion and spirit of those runners, who year after year, tirelessly take on board this huge… in order to raise funds for others in desperate need of help. Part of their statement below is awe inspiring;

Boston is strong. Boston is resilient. Boston is our home. And Boston has made us enormously proud. The Boston Marathon is a deeply held tradition – an integral part of the fabric and history of our community. We are committed to continuing that tradition with the running of the 118th Boston Marathon in 2014.

I cannot even imagine how much stamina it must take to physically run 26 miles…I’m shattered after 1/2 hour on Wii Fit!! And yet, this sunday, that message of strength and resilience will resonate around London as thousands gather in action, to help those many charities who change the lives of others, whilst also remembering the people of Boston, those who were injured and those who lost their lives.

I am sure there are many of us who will be tuning in to watch the marathon and as I mentioned, one of our own Chaplain’s, Robin, is running on behalf of this years college charity ‘The British Heart Foundation’. I am sure he would appreciate your support….there is a time sweepstake (Guess how long it takes Robin to cross the line!) that you can be part off and that is behind reception. You can also sponsor Robin direct via just giving on:

Lastly, a word of encouragement to all those who are running…

“If it doesn’t challenge you, it will not change you.”

….and change gives us the ability to do great things in our lives.

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