Saying Thank You

Posted on March 6th, 2013 by ben in Tybed

Sometimes in the car I get really angry when someone does not give me a ‘thank you wave’ after I have let them out onto the road. I am in all honesty a grumpy driver. But I do appreciate being thanked.

I am sure I am not alone in this. I am not saying everyone should thank me when I am in the car but I think it is important to thank people when they truly deserve it. I wish I could have the opportunity to thank my old teachers and some of my family who are now dead for the time, patience and love that they gave to me.

It is a sad fact that people do not get thanked enough for the things they do for other people. When I look around the colleges I see so many people working really hard to help students with their studies and wellbeing. Whether that is the teams from Student services, the friendly smile from the coffee shop staff or the tutors, there are many good people trying to help others.

I may seem a bit weird thanking someone; it does involve taking a bit of a risk. I think it is worth it. It can make someone’s day by simply acknowledging their effort and saying thank you.

Whether this is a friend, relative or teacher I encourage you to think about the people in your life that have helped you and that support you and say thank you to them.

Imagine if we all did this what impact it could have on people’s lives. Saying thank you really does make a difference.


Martin said:

A very big thank you to all of the staff at Deeside College for all their continuing support. Mature student siezing the opportunity of a fresh start and view of life.