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Posted on November 17th, 2011 by Chaplaincy in Tybed

Well it’s that time of the year when celebs take to the Australian outback and see if they can survive in the Jungle without getting to the point of yelling ‘I’m a celebrity get me out of here!’ I must admit I am addicted to it already and I am certain that Willy Carson is going to win! Have you noticed that we’re only a week in and the celebs are already arguing with each other and becoming paranoid that the general public want them out. It’s a very different life to the one they are used to that’s for sure!

I don’t know if you’re the type of person who would relish the idea of going into the jungle, eating camels toe and other things too gross to mention. I am admittedly petrified of spiders and bugs … oh and heights, so the thought of me attempting to do the Bushtucker Trials would be horrendous, I would probably be as frightened as Sinitta appears to be!

But to be fair to the celebs they are giving it their best shot. Already we have seen Anthony and Mark face their fears head on and the others are sure to follow as the vote forces them to face more and more outlandish challenges . It would be very easy for them to give up, I know if I had gone in there I would have bailed at the idea of being thrown out of a helicopter, nevermind the trials!

So how do you think you would cope? The whole thing actually got me thinking about our time here in college, the fact that at some point there is going to be something we have to do that we find hard or feel we can’t possibly accomplish. We may even feel like there is no point carrying on, we may start to think ‘I can’t cope…get me out of here!’ But just like those celebs, there is also another way, that of facing fears head on, getting help and going for it. As coursework becomes harder it can become overwhelming and yet just think about those celebs who have to make the decision to go for the next live bug on the plate, have you noticed that in the background stands the ever cheery Ant & Dec cheering them on and encouraging them to carry on in order to get the prize at the end.

Study is abit like that. We may not always think it but our tutors are cheering us on, they are walking along side us hoping that we will achieve the qualification that will send us out into the world, ready and prepared to do the roles we have trained for. Here in college, it’s not only the tutors that are cheering us on either, just like those left behind at camp who sent out their companion with pats on the back and words of encouragement to the trial, there are many here in college who hope that students exceed their desires in what they do, so never feel like you are on your own because your education and wellbeing means alot.

Of course the celebs can talk to someone in the Telegraph Pole, it’s there for them to voice their opinions and talk through their fears and accomplishments. Here in college there is also the opportunity to talk to someone, there is Student Services, the college Counsellor and the Chaplaincy team here in reception. We are here mon – thurs throughout the day and we can listen!

You don’t see the celebs keeping their fears to themselves do you? So why should you?



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